Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Almost a year I had stopped blogging, I have lost touch with blogging and mind was not creative enough to write anything. What has happened? Has being a housewife turned me into someone "boring"?
Hahaha ... actually NO. I stopped blogging and focus full speed to my FB Yuqy Closet. Searching for new ideas to attract my customers and that's how I cam to know NURRAYSA.

I was already a Nurraysa Collagen Soap user then and was amazed by how Nurraysa Beauty has expanded with more products. That's when I embarked into Nurraysa Beauty as Dropship in October 2016 and up Agent in November 2016. Why so fast?

I saw the opportunity and I saw how the products had helped and the benefits it gave. I not only want to sell but also help others who may benefit from Nurraysa Beauty. So what's my favourite product from NB? Well, I must say I love them ALL

Thank you Nurraysa Beauty