Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dinner with Family

30-10-2014 Thursday Story

It's already 6pm and Mr doesn't seem to budge to prepare for his evening job.... Hmmmm... "Let's go dinner!" Ouhhhh those words like hard to believe as he has been very busy lately and we wouldn't want to disturb his work.
But today he had voiced out dinner together and location at JEM Penang Culture
Timing was nice as the outlet had just gotten its Halal certificate and I get to eat my Prawn noodle plus Durian Chendol

Yes yes yes Durian Chendol

My Prawn Noodle 

The Platter

Tom Yam Rice 

Junior Kids Meal Nugget 

What ever it is the reason I come here is the Durian Chendol and can't wait to go for another round!!!😍😍😍

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