Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 15-06-2014

We had missed last year Father's Day as we were unable to gather everyone at that time.
But today as we had a relative wedding near to my place thus it was a no escape plan for the fathers today.
 We had decided to gun down today Ladies vs Gents at the Laser Quest HomeTeamNS Club.

Option 1 : 15 mins game
Option 2 : 30 mins game

And we decided to go for Option 2 and it was awesome!!!

Briefing in progress. See the kids on top

 The Armour gallery
 Get Set 
 Ready to go on board
Mrs Hairul deadly pose
It's been awhile I have not updated my blog. Reason being busy ... Busy with??? God knows 
The school holiday has begun and Mr has decided not to go for any trips this June holidays as we are preparing for Ramadhan and Syawal. Need to save for the later spending.
But I still have the time for my sisters gathering and of course baby girl birthday on 2 Jun 2014. May Allah swt bless her to be a filial daughter and faithful muslimagph and give her light and guidance towards Jannah, insya Allah.