Monday, December 9, 2013


Tetiba tertanya sendiri... Apa itu erti kawan
Apa kah kawan... Siapakah kawan....
Kawan boleh jadi lawan...

To me a friend is just some one whom I can relate with and share my woes without the fear of others knowing. A friend is one who will listen and try her best to give me the best advise.
I don't need a friend with lta of money but just a friend who can understand me.

Al fatehah to Almarhummah Kartini Suppah, my secondary best friend and buddy who had passed away while pursuing her degree in Aussie. She had been the best friend in my life and I have yet to find another after her. May Allah bless her soul and place her among those in Jannah. 

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* Nora * said...

I chanced upon your blog when i was googling the name kartini suppah. We were good friends in pri school and did keep in touch though not often as we both went to separate school. After that we just lost touch and she did cross my mind many times but i was simply too busy to keep in touch with her.

My sister met Arwahum's sister and they talked. That was when i found out about Kartini's passing. However, i have no idea how or when it happened as her sister had no chance to talk much to my sis. Here i am trying to google for more info. Do you know what happened? I feel so sad that she has passed on but Allah loves her more..she was such a kind soul.
Would you be able to provide more details? You can write me at