Monday, April 1, 2013


It's been awhile since I last blog.
What have been doing...?
Actually busy with work work work work
I had been asking around for opinions should I continue working or shall I resume the post of Housewife.

Wikipedia definition of housewife :-
housewife is a woman whose main occupation is running or managing the family's home—caring for and educating her childrencooking and storing food, buying goods the family needs in day to day life, cleaning and maintaining the home, making clothes for the family, etc.—and who is generally not employed outside the home.[1] Merriam Webster describes a housewife as a married woman who is in charge of her householdHomemaker is a mainly American[2][3]gender-neutral term for a housewife or also a stay-at-home dadSAHM is an abbreviation that refers to a "stay at home mom".

So am I ready to take up this role? hehehehehe....

Benefits that I will forego :-
a) Medical Leave
b) Annual Leave
c) 13th month AWS
d) Bonus 
f) Increment
g) Promotion

Benefits that I MAY gain :-
a) Quality time
b) Own time management
c) Family bonding 
d) Cleaner Home
e) Personal supervision on kiddos
f) Intangible bonus - gratitude/appreciation/hugs/kisses

Will let you my result in my next blog ok...

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