Thursday, July 19, 2012

ESOK nak puasa...

Dah lama tak blog, esok dah nak puasa.
Hari kita dah mula persiapan, nak pegi solat terawih lepastu nak gi amik kreta sewa at CCK.
Yeah, nari nak bawa kreta SUV lak, hehehehehehe....

Heavy downpour is the major cause
Office turn into candle light dining area...

Office in the DIM

Meet my cute colleague - Sandar

Meet my BUDDY in office - Yifen

Despite the gloominess, i managed to snap2 a few shots to kill time.Soon all power is up and back to WORK!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

 01 July 2012
Syukur alhamdullillah, I had passed my driving license.
Now will be driving around.

Mr & Mrs in one of the matches we watched in Malaysian League 2012

Mr & Mrs Donut from Dunkin Donut
Are they not just adorablely cute?

One nite in T3...