Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Almost a year I had stopped blogging, I have lost touch with blogging and mind was not creative enough to write anything. What has happened? Has being a housewife turned me into someone "boring"?
Hahaha ... actually NO. I stopped blogging and focus full speed to my FB Yuqy Closet. Searching for new ideas to attract my customers and that's how I cam to know NURRAYSA.

I was already a Nurraysa Collagen Soap user then and was amazed by how Nurraysa Beauty has expanded with more products. That's when I embarked into Nurraysa Beauty as Dropship in October 2016 and up Agent in November 2016. Why so fast?

I saw the opportunity and I saw how the products had helped and the benefits it gave. I not only want to sell but also help others who may benefit from Nurraysa Beauty. So what's my favourite product from NB? Well, I must say I love them ALL

Thank you Nurraysa Beauty

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mrs Hairul in Japan


Mr requested for an impromptu trip to Japan and we decided to land in Tokyo.
Mr gave me 3 weeks to book and prepare itinerary for our trip (gulp hard)
Google came in very handy at times like this and managed to grab tickets at an affordable price from Delta Airlines plus it was a direct flight from Singapore to Narita Airport
Since, it was our virgin trip I had to make sure that we are prepared so decided to ring friends who just came back and they were awesome to share their trip.

Let me share with you some of our pictures taken during the trip (",)
Taking NEX train from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

1 each ok

Enjoying the snow

Hakone Boat Ride

I will blog on what are things I learnt from this trip that people don't tell you

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Malang EJ Trip Dec 2015

Masya Allah, this is will be my first blog for 2016 and it's coming only now... ooopss!
It has a been a great beginning for me, alhamdullilah.
 Will be uploading my Malang Trip from #02 trip in December 2015.
This time returned with the complete family.
And also with my beloved mother in-law who enjoyed the trip too.
Food here is awesome

Hello my friends  ... Let me bring you to the zoo

Camel are soooooo up-close

Look at them and you know how they are feeling


E-Bikes when you are tired but rental costs 100,000rb 

Photo taking session with the white tiger... only these 2 will dare

More posts coming up on other places we visited during our trip in Malang EJ

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bromo oh Bromo September 2015

It's been the longest time since I last blogged. Driving on weekends, house works and children minding full time 24/7 is no joke but I still prefer this than to work up my way up the corporate ladder. The feeling of content to be with my loved ones all the time is simply awesome for words to describe. So what have we missed during my absence?

My Bromo 8 Sep 2015

A horse ride is better than on foot as you will encounter may horse's shit

This flight of steps is testing your stamina

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dinner with Family

30-10-2014 Thursday Story

It's already 6pm and Mr doesn't seem to budge to prepare for his evening job.... Hmmmm... "Let's go dinner!" Ouhhhh those words like hard to believe as he has been very busy lately and we wouldn't want to disturb his work.
But today he had voiced out dinner together and location at JEM Penang Culture
Timing was nice as the outlet had just gotten its Halal certificate and I get to eat my Prawn noodle plus Durian Chendol

Yes yes yes Durian Chendol

My Prawn Noodle 

The Platter

Tom Yam Rice 

Junior Kids Meal Nugget 

What ever it is the reason I come here is the Durian Chendol and can't wait to go for another round!!!😍😍😍

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sisters Gathering - Kak Cha Birthday 03-10-2014

DATE : 03-10-2014 FRIDAY

In the beginning everyone was not really keen to enter Snow City as they had bad past experience with regards to the outfit and gloves provided that time. But I assured them it was OK and we entered!!! it was awesomely cold and my nose and cheeks felt numb after 15min in the 'ice box". WHy ice box??? cos it is small...

La Marelle Cafe

I fell in love with this place at first sight.. why???
Colour combi of pink and blue make it so attractive plus all the merchandise they carry are all SUPER awesome and cute. The environment is relaxed and they serve delicious olio spagetti with yummy cakes to try.
I will not advise weak at heart to watch in the theatre too much suspends moments
You will end up screaming like me and hiding your faces like my sisters.. hahahaha
At least now I want is nasi kangkang... no good yeah 

Kak Cha with her present 
last but not least here is a post of my dear sis in law with her cake and present Solvil et Titus watch. hope she like it and looking forward to our next meet and birthday celebration.

ME - thank you 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Raya Raya Raya 2014

Selamat Hari Raya Dari Mrs Hairul and familia.
Semoga Syawal ini mengeratkan lagi silahturahmi di antara kita Dan saudara2 yang jauh Dan dekat.
The portrait is ever changing as each Syawal comes and goes.. Kids are growing and so are we parents. Here is wishing all Muslims around the world Salam Eidul Fitri.